April 14th 2019

Cookies Policy

What are Cookies and how to use them?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer during your visit to Baris Software Ltd.

Using cookies can not harm your computer in any way. Simply anonymous information is stored so that all the pages of the website can work.

Refusing to use cookies may cause Baris Software Ltd. to malfunction.

Our site is compatible with the GDPR
We follow the Commission's guidelines on data protection in the EU and the ePrivacy Directive.

Types of Cookies

Necessary cookies
These are the cookies that are required for the operation of Baris Software Ltd. Without them the site does not work.

In this case, your consent is not required.

According to the Regulation, consent is not required if the cookie: 1. Is used exclusively for the transmission of a communication; and 2. It is absolutely necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly required by the user to provide of the service.

Cookies that are clearly exempt from consent, according to the EU Data Protection Advisory Body, include:

  1. id-session cookies such as first party cookies for tracking user input when filling in electronic forms, shopping carts, etc. for a session or cookies that are limited to a few hours in some cases .
  2. identity cookies to identify the user once logged in during a session.
  3. user-based cookies that are used to detect identity violations for limited duration.
  4. media content cookies, which are used to store technical data to play video or audio content over a session.
  5. load balancing cookies for the duration of the session.
  6. user-interface customization cookies, such as language or font preferences, for a session (or slightly longer).
  7. social cookies sharing third-party content for affiliated members of a social network.
Cookie Purpose Notes
ASPSESSIONID# Ensures consistency of users when navigating the website. Web server. Hosted Greece/Germany
COOKIECONSENT It retains your consent to acceptance or not of functionality enhancement cookies and third parties parties.
Maintained for 180 days.
Origin: baris-software.com
CLIENTSESSIONCODE Alphanumeric identification session code, for your communication with the company. It is maintained for as long as your session lasts. Origin: baris-software.com
Identity cookies, for logged users identification in the members area, for the duration of the session.
id   Numeric  
Code1   Alphanumeric  
TBL   Alphanumeric  

Third party Cookies

The use of the following cookies requires your consent.

 Google reCAPTCHA

We use the Google reCAPTCHA service at each form of communication through which Baris Software Ltd. ensures the protection of its websites from the use of robots.

What data reCAPTCHA collects

First of all, the reCAPTCHA algorithm will check if there is a Google cookie on the computer that is being used (usually _ga).

Then a specific reCAPTCHA cookie will be added to the user's browser and pixel by pixel will be a full snapshot of the user's browser window at that time.

Some of the browsing and user information being collected at that time include:

  • All cookies introduced by Google in the last 6 months
  • How many mouse clicks have you made on this screen
  • CSS information for that page,
  • The exact date,
  • The language in which the browser is set,
  • Any add-ons installed in your browser
  • All Javascript objects
 Google Analytics

We use the Google Analytics service through whose Baris Software Ltd. gathers information about optimize the site based on your own preferences. The information gathered is sent and stored to Google's hubs. Information related to Google's Privacy Policy, you'll find at https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacv/. In in case you do not wish to collect your data from Google Analytics, download and install it Google Analytics Opt out program https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/

Checking Cookies: You can control and / or delete cookies or prevent installation cookies. In these cases they may not work some services. You can also disable it use cookies from browser settings by following the instructions on the browser's website that you are using.
Valid links as of 25/05/2018

Please note that you have accepted the use of cookies and then change your preferences, cookies already installed, are NOT deleted. Use your browser options to delete them.

More https://www.aboutcookies.org/


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