Big data and IT support is our specialty of business.
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Baris Software Ltd.

The company is located at Цар Борис III-ти 39, 2850 Petrich, Bulgaria, founded by Christos Baris in 2016, CEO & Lead Software Engineer of Baris Software Ltd.

We specialize in big data and IT support. Mainly we design custom software solutions for the insurance industry and financial sector. Software writing started back in 1980’s, by our founder, and has been evolving till now, embedding new technologies into scalable software libraries ready to perform almost any task.

The “Noesis” Project is a state-of-the-art digital software platform we have been developing for a long-long time. The platform can unify data and functionality from existing core systems and it is the core of all solutions we provide.

Our Values

Many people have great ideas, but a great idea is of no value, until it becomes a reality.

Our mentality is we-can-do-it. We create, innovate, and bring our ideas into reality. We get things done. We are accountable and can be trusted.

Passion is the heart that pumps the blood in our digital world. We explore new technologies, new possibilities, and new ideas because we know we can. We have devoted countless hours on research and that brings added value to our customers. These are our values and our mission is to communicate them to everyone.

We are enthusiastic about our work and strive to the best quality services. We are happy when our customers are satisfied. We do not give up, until our target is reached. Making invalid statements is many people’s “hobby”, but one can know only by personal experience. So meet us and have your own taste of what we do and what we can do for your business.
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Use our services and get added value to your IT department and your software


Everyone in today's digital world is using open source software. License violation is a common problem that companies encounter most often. In depth analysis may reveal unwanted risks of your business. We shall document all open source software you are using, analyze potential copyright violations and provide you all necessary steps to comply with regulations.


We are sure you have a well configured firewall, a strict policy upon technology usage, and a fine tuned proxy server. But, dissatisfied employees can be a major security threat. Employees join companies but leave managers. A poll of more 1 million employed U.S. workers concluded that the No. 1 reason people quit their jobs dissatisfied is a bad supervisor. We can discover these leaks.


Over the years, database maintenance and documentation, tend to move away geometrically. Your IT department might be very busy with everyday tasks and the easiest to drop is documenting database schemas, tables, fields, views, procedures, functions, users and user rights. It can be very expensive to your business and raise future problems. Let us write the right documentation for you.


If your database is older than three years, and you maintain an IT department, chances are very high that you are losing track of everyday changes. Our database analyzing software will point to the most important areas of your data and suggest the best way to merge tables, eliminate duplicates and normalize information. Let us analyze your data and provide you the roadmap to your database.


Information System Planning (ISP) is a structured approach developed by IBM to assist organizations in establishing a plan to satisfy their short and long term information requirements. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive plan for the development of a new Information System and detailed steps, methodology, and its ramifications for the transition of your existing system to the new.


Set in motion Noesis project.

We’ll create a new Information System Plan for your business to satisfy your short and long term information requirements, and utilize Noesis platform accordingly.

Noesis platform uses an holistic approach to digitization that makes it possible to unify the data acquired from any channel such as a customer via mobile, an agent via desktop, a call center screen, and other data sources. Approaching business activities holistically across people, process, technologies and devices Noesis can digitize your whole business.


Robust code libraries

Fexible and modular architecture that gives full control of digital transformation to existing and new core systems.

Noesis project

A state-of-the-art digital software platform that can unify data and functionality from existing core systems.

All media built

Unify data and functionality from various core systems into a comprehensive, easy-to-grasp Portal or Mobile App.


You can hire our professionals


1-2One or Tow months contract


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6-11Six to Eleven months contract


12+Twelve+ months contract

Is the main software writing sector of Baris Software Ltd. Provider of custom made robust and flexible software libraries.

Is the provider of The “Noesis Insurance” software solution. An insurance one-stop-shop for building, running, and managing all digital channels using state-of-the-art technology.

CNB Trade Ltd.

Is an affiliate company, handling the trade sector of Baris Software Ltd. All business transactions are processed by our affiliate company, while financial management is handled by us.