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The company is located at Цар Борис III-ти 39, Център, 2850 Петрич, Благоевград, България bg-BG
Founded in 2016 by Christos Baris, Chief Executive Officer & Lead Software Engineer.  

Big data and IT support is our specialty of business.
We provide quality services and we are proud of our work.

Baris Software Ltd. takes very seriously data protection.

What we do

We specialize in Software Solutions & Consulting Services. Our field of expertize is big data analysis and IT support.

Having years of experience in IT infrastructure we offer IT Advisory and Leadership Services to various organizations. Our IT Advisory approach enables us to provide leadership to our clients in a complex rapidly changing IT environment. We design custom software solutions for the insurance and financial industry.

We have been developing for many years the “Noesis” Project, a state-of-the-art digital software platform that can unify data and functionality from existing core systems or be the core of a newly designed information system.

Our Values

Many people have great ideas, but a great idea is of no value until it becomes a reality.

Our mentality is «we-can-do-it».

We create, innovate, and bring our ideas into reality. We get things done. We are accountable and can be trusted.

Passion drives everything we do

Passion is the heart that pumps the blood in our digital world.

We have devoted countless hours on research and that brings added value to our customers.

We explore new technologies, new possibilities, and new ideas because we know we can.

What we do, We do it with Love & Enthusiasm

We are enthusiastic about our work and strive to the best quality services. We are happy when our customers are satisfied.

We do not give up, until our target is reached.

Making invalid statements is many people’s “hobby”, but one can know only by personal experience. So meet us and have your own taste of what we do and what we can do for your business.

Software Development

Robust Code Libraries

Flexible and modular architecture that gives full control of digital transformation to existing and new core systems.

All Media Built

Unify data and functionality from various core systems into a comprehensive, easy-to-grasp Portal or Mobile App.

Noesis Platform

A state-of-the-art digital software platform that can unify data and functionality from existing core systems.

Noesis Platform Implementation

Set in motion Noesis project.

We will create a new Information System Plan for your business to meet your short and long-term requirements for information, using the platform accordingly.

Noesis platform uses a holistic approach to digitization, which makes it possible to unify the data acquired by any channel, such as a mobile phone, a desktop, a call center display and other data sources. We bring all business activities to all people, processes, technologies, and devices. The Noesis platform can digitize your entire business.

Satisfied employees

Release resources and increase your business productivity using Noesis platform.

Satisfied customers

Give your customers the opportunity to access their data through any device.

Satisfied partners

Let your partners do their own job from anywhere, anytime, any device.




CEO & Lead Software Engineer




CSO, Chief Regional Officer, Greece




Lawyers, Accountants, Software Engineers

We work with individual contractors to deliver professional advice for your business.



Support Team

We work with you for the best results, bring added value to you, with our work.

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