Database analysis & Documentation

Over the years, the maintenance and documentation of the database tends to be separated geometrically.

Your IT department may be too busy with day-to-day tasks and it's easier to leave the database documentation for "later".

  • What are the overall tables in your database?
  • What fields does each table have?
  • Do you apply the same field names to different tables?
  • Whenever database indexes are maintained?
  • What database views do they serve?
  • There are operating procedures per user or groups of users
  • When was the last time access rights were checked?
  • Do you know in which tables and in which fields are there personal or sensitive data?

These are some of the questions you need to answer

Proper database documentation will reveal dangers, which you do not know today.

The occurrence of such a risk can be expensive and cause future problems.

Our experienced and skilled resources help create systems and procedures that support compliance. Your Quality Assurance & Compliance Monitoring Function provides oversight and control of your products and services. It is underpinned by policies which set out your organization’s means of compliance.

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